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X-Ray Subway Vision

New York architect Candy Chan noted that there was no 3D representation of NYC’s subway stations available, and rather than curse the darkness, she got busy creating these terrific x-ray maps.

59th Street - Columbus Circle station x-ray image, by Candy Clark

The maps are part of Project Subway NYC, which also includes sketches, photos, and blog posts. They’re on Instagram too.

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Infographic for Audience of One

One of my favorite cartoonists, Laura Park, illustrated her sciatica, with her usual finesse, just for her surgeon. That’s first-class explaining.

(Downloads are disabled on Ms. Park’s Flickr page, so no sneak peek.)

[via extraface]

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Vidja Game X-Rays

Here’s some Sunday explainist eye candy: x-ray images of gaming hardware and media from an x-ray technician/gamer.

[via PicoCool]