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History of the Internet

The animated icon style of this history of Internet technology is effective, and oh so crisp.

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.
The movie is a showcase for Pictorial Communication Language (PICOL), German designer Melih Bilgil’s “project to find a standard and reduced sign system for electronic communication.” The idea is to come up with an extensive icon set open to anyone communicating through diagrams. The Picol site is partially under construction, but includes a blog with more information.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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Hello, Explainist. I just want to say, Thanks for existing. I’m learning a lot just by browsing your previous posts, and I plan to make your blog a common attraction on my blog.

I hear that you’ve arisen from a previous incarnation, so thanks for coming back and covering the world of explanation. I’ve been creating short, animated explanatory videos, known as “Nutshells”, for about a year now, so it’s nice to see someone covering the space that I’m in. Feel free to check out my work at



Thanks, Eileen and Josh — much appreciated. Josh, I enjoyed checking out your videos at NutIntuit. Good stuff.

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