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How It Works… The Computer

Boing Boing Gadgets posted this funny bit of explanation humor — a reworking of a 1979 book explaining computer technology.

How It Works... The Computer

The original is fun too, even aside from the entertainment value of clunky hardware and 70s office-wear. I’d like to find some more books from this seres (published by Ladybird Books). Thanks to reduced smoke and mirrors, it’s usually easier to understand core concepts by examining older versions of technology.

I particularly like this tidy illustration of binary code:

Binary Code

One reply on “How It Works… The Computer”

Ah.. 35 in Octal and 29 in Decimal, if my fingers and toes are correct!

But.. what was it in Hexidecimal? 1D, if my fault memory serves me correctly.

Ira.. who once programmed in PDP-8 Machine Language and spoke in Octal

CLA = Clear Accumulator.. but you already knew that.


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