NYT Rebuilds Greenwood, Before the Massacre

A century ago, white supremacists killed hundreds in the Tulsa Race Massacre. Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Anjali Singhvi, Audra D.S. Burch, Troy Griggs, Mika Gröndahl, Lingdong Huang, Tim Wallace, Jeremy White and Josh Williams at the New York Times have created something extraordinary — an interactive virtual model of the Tulsa neighborhood of Greenwood as it was before terrorists destroyed more than 1,250 homes and brought an end to the thriving African-American community.

A screenshot of the New York Times virtual model of Greenwood. Text: "J.B. Stradford, shown with his wife, opened the posh 54-room Stradford Hotel at 201 Greenwood Avenue in 1918. It was considered among the nation's best hotels for African-Americans at the time. "

Visit the streets of Greenwood.

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