Even a baby giraffe is taller than most people, and adults can top 18 feet. What do we know about the world’s tallest land animal? Get the lowdown on these amazing giants.

Giraffe Facts

Did you know a giraffe can kill a lion? And that they have 21-inch tongues? It’s true, and there’s plenty more where that came from!

Giraffe FAQ

Get the answers to burning questions on giraffe stats, giraffe fights, giraffe horns, giraffe predators, and more.

Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks?

About 12 million years ago, evolution hatched one of its greatest harebrained schemes: why not give giraffes crazy-long necks? Here’s the story.

Why Do Giraffes Have Spots?

There’s a longstanding assumption that giraffe spots serve as camouflage, but there seems to be more to them than that. Get the story.

How Do Giraffes Sleep?

When you’re 19 feet tall, it’s not so easy to lie down for a snooze. Or more importantly, it’s not so easy to get up again. Learn how giraffes catch their Zs.

How Many Hearts Do Giraffes Have?

It takes a lot of pumping power for a giraffe to get blood from its body all the way to its brain. Learn how they get the job done.